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Work Smarter, Not Harder...

Marketing an Organization, recruiting new members, constantly putting out a quality product, retaining and keeping members happy, can easily become a stressful full-time job for its directors and officers. Most members show up to a monthly meeting, get their newsletter, or visit the website, never realizing the tireless hours that dedicated directors and officers spend on a weekly basis to run their organization. Directors get burned out and harder to recruit every year, and subsequently more of the workload gets distributed to the few dedicated that are passionate and carry the weight. It's a thankless job, but somebody's got to do it!

ORGx2 is committed to simplifying your life as a director, saving you time, saving your organization money, and providing a better end product, a.k.a. Organization, for your membership. Developed by seasoned club webmasters and directors, ORGx2 incorporates enterprise level data management with a comfortable, intuitive, non-intimidating web browser interface. Below is a brief overview of some of the benefits of ORGx2.


About ORGx2

Save with ORGx2!

Save Time: Calculate the man-hours spent in board meetings discussing items that could have been easily researched on directors own time rather than extending the board meeting out another 30 minutes. Figure out the time spent requesting and passing around files by email, recreating files due to lost data, coming up with content for newsletters, etc. Estimate the amount of work lost if a director leaves or his home computer with an essential piece of club data on it crashes. "Work Smarter, Not Harder". ORGx2 is working smarter.

Save Time
Save Directors

Save Members and Directors: Every organization looses members because members are unhappy with the organizations directors or handling of matters. Every organization looses directors because they cant deal with the expectations of the members and the inability to satisfy them. Members and Directors get "burned out". When things run smooth and efficient, members and directors are likely to leave less and become more active.

Save Money: ORGx2 offers a varsity of ways for organizations to save and actually generate money. Eliminate web hosting and maintenance fees, and reduce or eliminate printing and postage fees for newsletters and club communications. Most of our customers have recouped their annual fees several times over in cost savings and sponsor campaigns. Many of our organizations are generating additional revenue a year from the ORGx2 system.

Save Money
Save the Planet

Save the Planet: Multiply how many newsletters you send out a month times number of pages times how many members times months in a years. How many pages of printed paper go to each member each year. Many organizations, that number is over 100 per member per year. With ORGx2, members are asked to choose between e-communcations, print and mail, or both. If only 20% of you members opted for e-communcations, think of the reduced environmental impact every year.

ORGx2 is Member Management...


How is your membership tracked? How many systems are necessary to manage your member dues and expirations, newsletter distribution, mailings, website, etc? Are they accessible, and by who? And are the backed up? With ORGx2, all functions and features are built off the main member database, and access to users is based on roles and groupings. Once a member is created, an ID is generated, and the member can start interactivity using appropriate areas of the ORGx2 system.

Managing Members: Adding new members is a simple type, and click add. A few fields and the user is added and an welcome email is sent off with links and information so the member can login, fill out any additional data, and start utilizing the features and functions that ORGx2 offers. Members are able to add custom information, pictures, and social networking links. When Directors are logged in, they can easily view members status, fines, communications(i.e. phone, email, address) and generate numerous dynamic reports, always up to date.

Dues Payments, Fines, and Donations, are all tied to users records and can be recalled by users or directors at any time. No more "He said - She said". Available dynamically onscreen and via printable report, all payments processed are available for retrieval.

Save Money

ORGx2 is File Management and Backups...

ORGx2 handles everything. Many of the built in functionality and features of ORGx2 are benefits that an organizations board or webmaster doesn't consider until it's too late... ORGx2 knows a organization needs a place to dump data. Our easy upload page makes making files secure, accessible, and safely stored is easy, and keeps things organized. Downloading is point and click.

 Centralized File Management: As easy as using a search engine or your email, you can upload and manage accessibility to your groups files. A few benefits of managed centralized file storage include:


  • Secure way to provide access to organizations files to the directors, members, and public.
  • Insuring proper versions of files are being used
  • Files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection by logging in
Save Money


Save Directors

Centralized File Backup: After accessibility comes disaster recovery. Where are your organizations files backed up? How much time is lost and how much data is irrecoverable if those files disappear? There are a lot of ways to lose data. The only way to get it back, is to have it backed up..

How likely is one of the following scenarios:

  • A director or committee member has a computer or home\office incident resulting in loss of club data on their personal computer
  • A director or committee member accidentally deletes a file from their personal or work computer and has no backup\restore solution in place
  • A director or committee member leaves the organization and does not transfer their files to someone upon their leaving
  • A file is overwritten with an older version

The above are just a few examples where a simple file storage and backup solution would have saved the day. Disaster recovery is often overlooked until the disaster strikes. Be prepared.

Servers and Communications: All ORGx2 Servers are hosted by one of the worlds largest and most secure web hosting firms in their state of the art secure data center. Utilizing a specialized web hosting specific partner provides ORGx2 customers with hardware and communication channel redundancy, data security, speed, backup capabilities, and load balancing, that hosting our own localized severs could never provide. We let specialists handle the servers and we handle the system development. Rest assured that your data is secure and protected, and that your site and system will always be available with one of the highest server uptime rates in the industry

Save Money

ORGx2 is Simplified Credit Card Processing for your Organization...

ORGx2 integrates credit card payment processing for dues, donations, and events to your organizations website.

Here's how it works: Like most of the ORGx2 modules, it's up to you if you want to enable online credit card processing. If you choose to allow credit card payment through your site, your members will make payments right on your site, be able to print a receipt, and their payment will be available for their review or club review indefinitely. We offer several credit card processing options for our customer

Simple: At any time, your organization can choose to enable credit card processing.

Safe and Secure: Our credit card processing is handled by the internet's largest and most secure payment gateway. Neither your club, nor your members need a paypal account to utilize this function. All transactions are handled through their industry leading server network. We at ORGx2 never see or store your users credit card data.

Accept Credit Cards
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